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ENGINEERING SYSTEMS is a limited company whose main activities are :-


ENGINEERING SYSTEMS was formed in 1978 after a request to design and manufacture a new tablet strength testing machine.


The business is housed in a modern, purpose built factory unit. The building is situated on a small industrial complex on the west side of Nottingham adjacent to the ring road and approximately half a mile north of Nottingham University, with easy access to the M1 motorway junctions 24, 25 & 26. The building is owned by the company.

Products & Services

ENGINEERING SYSTEMS designs both mechanical and electronic instruments and equipment and specialises in the design, development and manufacture of small mechanical strength testing machines that are used in a variety of organisations ranging from the Pharmaceutical industry, to research establishments such as the National Physical Laboratory, to the oil and automotive industry.

Our mechanical workshop facilities include CNC machining centres & lathes, whilst our electronics workshop has facilities for analogue & digital design, prototyping and manufacture, including microcontroller firmware development.

With the aid of a Department of Trade and Industry Smart award, a range of Desktop Mechanical Strength Testing machines was designed and manufactured by Engineering Systems.

Assisted by a Regional Enterprise Grant and in conjunction with Oxford University Department of Materials, the CK10, a sophisticated 1 Tonne compression & crack testing machine, was developed. This is used for testing the strength of engineering & medical ceramic components.

A new mechanical strengh testing machine, the C53, has recently been designed under a KTP programme in partnership with Staffordshire University.

The load cells (range 1gm to 1tonne) used in all our testing machines are designed & manufactured by Engineering Systems.

Subcontact work include '../include/s the design and manufacture of asphalt core testing machines, gyratory compactor compression testing machines etc. for contractors use and for use in road research labs.


Denis Cooper & Simon Haydock.