Engineering Systems Design & Manufacturing Facilities

Engineering Systems mechanical workshop

Our workshop is equipped with a selection of CNC, semi-CNC and conventional machine tools.
Haas, Hardinge, Harrison, Colchester, XYZ, Jones & Shipman etc.
This selection gives us the versatility to produce a range of engineered products - from one off prototypes to medium sized batches of precision components.

We can produce quantities of the usual selection of miscellaneous parts, shown right, in 1's, 10's, 100's or 1000's.

Miscellaneous engineered parts

Hardinge Talent 8/52 with C axis & driven tooling
Hardinge Talent 8/52 with C axis and Driven tooling

We can design and manufacture special parts using our Solid Edge 3D package.

When the part has been designed, we use our OneCNC CAM package to generate the machining data which is sent to our machine tools.

Solid Edge 3D CAD package showing C53 load frame
C53 Load Frame

Haas VF-2SS with 4th Axis
Haas VF-2SS with 4th Axis

After machining the parts are usually de-burred and finished in our vibratory surface finishing machine.

Further surface finishing - Anodising, Powder Coating or various forms of Electro-plating can be arranged.

Harrison Alpha 400
Harrison Alpha 400

XYZ vertical turret mill with 3 axis CNC control
XYZ vertical turret mill with 3 axis CNC control

C53 Load Frame
C53 Load Frame

CT5 load frame designed in Solid Edge

We design and manufacture mechanisms such as the loading frame, shown on the left as a Solid Edge model, and produce the actual manufactured and assembled part, shown on the right.

This assembly is used in one of our own testing machines.

CT5 load frame maufactured and assembled

The picture on the right shows the loading frame assembled and positioned onto the baseplate together with the electronic circuit boards. The electronic circuitry is custom designed and manufactured by us.

Complete CT5 assembly with covers removed
Solid Edge 3D view of a large assembly designed by Engineering Systems

We are experienced in designing larger engineered products. In conjunction with other manufacturers we can produce larger prototypes and low volume products to customer specification.

The picture on the left shows a Solid Edge view of a partly finished fabricated frame (approx. size 1000 x 1100 x 1300 mm) which will have a powder coated finish and various smaller machined parts attached.

An experimental test rig. The mechanical parts were designed and manufactured by Engineering Systems.

Test rig designed and manufactured by Engineering Systems
Printed circuit board

We have expertise in the design and production of electronic circuitry and we design and manufacture all of the electronics used in our testing machines. We can undertake the design and production of apparatus that needs to incorporate relatively straightforward control and measurement circuitry.

The photograph on the left shows the main circuit board used in our new C53 testing machine. The circuitry is based on the PIC microcontroller, and controls the load measurement, motor movement, output of data and all the other control functions necessary to operate the C53.

Electronic workshop facilities include:-

Design facilities, software & computer equipment include:-

Testing equipment:-