Compression, Hardness, Tensile Testing and Crack Detection

Engineering Systems specialise in the production of small mechanical strength testing machines. Three different machines are available, each one has a particular range of applications, from tablet hardness testing to crack detection in hard metals and ceramics. They are all used for research or industrial testing and are suitable for use within numerous organisations and environments.

Typical applications

The C50 was designed in 1992 and during the last 15 years has been one of the best selling Tablet Hardness Testers. However, there was demand for a lower priced, higher specification machine. The advances in electronic circuitry, firmware techniques and manufacturing technology have enabled us to replace the C50 with the higher specification C53, at lower cost and still retaining the ruggedness of the C50. We intend to support the maintenance and repair of all existing C50s for a minimum of another 10 years.

Standard Products

53kg Tablet Hardness & Compression Tester (Ref: C53)

The C53 is a horizontal loading mechanical strength testing machine. Easy to use, it has been specifically designed for tablet hardness testing on the factory floor. Outputs the test and statistical data by RS232, USB and internal printer. Option to output to Ethernet. A thickness measuring calliper and a weigh balance can be attached to the C53. The C53 can then output the complete set of Hardness, Thickness and Weight measurements to computer or printer.
C53 Hardness & Compression Tester

0.2 - 5000N Compression Testing Machine (Ref: CT6)

The CT6 is a compact, vertical loading compression testing machine with a testing range of 0.2 - 5000N (0.02 - 500 kg). It weighs 15 kg and can be moved and carried by one person. The machine is suitable for compression testing and 3-point or 4-point bend testing. Special rigs and pillar extensions can be produced for other testing requirements. The CT6 includes connections for a weigh balance, calliper, and an acoustic sensor for fracture / crack detection. Test results and statistics can be output via USB, RS232 or printed using the internal printer.
CT6 Compression Tester

1 Tonne Desktop Testing Machine (Ref: CK10)

The CK10 is a small vertical loading compression testing machine. It has been designed to facilitate the testing of brittle engineering materials. Its acoustic sensor enables the detection of cracking in ceramic and coated materials.
CK10 Compression Tester

Subcontract Manufacturing

We have high specification CNC machinery for producing the mechanical parts for our testing machines. However, our production capacity exceeds the time needed to produce our testing machine parts. We offer our facilities for the production of low to medium volumes of small and medium size precision mechanical components. 3D design facilities are available. Please ask us for a quote. Click here for details of our facilities.
Subcontract Design & Manufacturing Facilities